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About Us

Deshbandhu is one of the oldest and most reputed Hindi dailies in Central India. Right since its inception in 1959, social and democratic values have been at the core of Deshbandhu's ideology. The paper is known and admired for it's endeavour to bring about a positive change in the society. Its excusive stories, articles and editorials not only become a reference point for many a journalists many a times but also influence policies & programs of the government. No wonder, Deshbandhu has won laurels at both the state and national level. It can boast of several awards and honours it has received in half a century of its publication.

Today, Deshbandhu has editions from Raipur & Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, Bhopal, Jabalpur & Satna in Madhya Pradesh and of course-a national edition from New Delhi. Beside this, Deshbandhu also has company in Highway Channel-the first and only chain eveninger in Chhattisgarh. Highway Channel has editions from Raipur, Bilaspur & Jagdalpur (Bastar).

Deshbandhu has also published many reference books and directories like Reference Chhattisgarh, Reference Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Mahila Sandarbh, Madhya Pradesh Sikh Sandarbha, Chhattisgarh Ke Mandir evam Teertha, Bio Diversity of Chhattisgarh, Hello Doctor and Sampark Raipur. All these publications received immense popularity and some of them are still in demand.

Mediatique Incorporation- a newly floated venture of the Deshbandhu Group has now taken over the non newspaper publication business of it's mother organization. A part from Hello Sarkar Portal, Many more unique ideas are being worked upon and will be before you in the days to come.